When something as momentous as separation or divorce occurs, we all need help and assistance to see us through the next hour or the next year.

DivorceCare meets weekly in a comfortable, small-group setting.  The program consists of a 12-week series of brief faith-based video sessions on a wide variety of topics that acknowledge our need for direction when we must walk these frightening and unfamiliar roads.  The videos and conversation time help participants to cope with daily sadness, to survive the divorce process, and to begin thinking about building a different life for the future.  There is always time for free-ranging conversation and comfort in the group, and some of the best survival strategies come from the other participants walking the same road.

All are invited to attend; many come simply because they drove by Heritage and saw the sign.


GriefShare is a faith-based program with the same format as DivorceCare but focuses instead on our need for direction and comfort when we experience the loss of someone dear to us.  The videos acknowledge our grief, provide strategies as we experience that grief, and help us to plan for the future.  Again, the facilitator-led discussion and the group’s natural conversation are of enormous help to those experiencing such loss.

These sessions provide a caring, structured setting where we can share our sorrow and seek compassionate help.  Again, all are welcome, and many participants come from the community.

Prayer Team

Throughout the Bible, we are urged to pray about all things.  Heritage UMC has a strong prayer team which receives a weekly list of prayer requests.  These requests are compiled from worship services and other communications with the church.  Everyone is encouraged to submit prayer requests…you will know that our prayer team lifts those specific requests to God throughout the week. If you would like to join the Prayer Team, please let us know.

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