Our focus is to help your little ones learn about the Bible, about Jesus, and how very loved they are. With events year-round, and summer camps like no other, our goal is to engage your little ones in constant reminders of who they are, what they can become, and who is responsible for it all.

Medical + Release Forms

If you will be placing your child in childcare, participating in Skate Nights, or other events with Children's Ministry, please make sure that we have all of the proper forms ahead of time. View a full list of forms and see what is required by clicking here!
  • Sundays @ Heritage

    It is our goal to partner with parents and families to develop fully devoted followers of Christ. Thus it is our desire for our children to love church. We want your child to know that they are loved, are cared for and are safe.

    We use MY FIRST LOOK curriculum for our preschoolers and 252 BASICS for our school age children.

  • Childcare

    We know your child is precious to you, that is why we provide an environment that is both safe and nurturing. Children’s Ministry is staffed by the most loving and experienced staff and volunteers.

    Special security precautions are taken to insure that you alone have access to your child before, during and after the church events.

  • KidsROCK

    KidsROCK is a outreach and tutoring program with the focus on connecting with children in our community and helping them grow in areas that might not be specialties for them.

    In addition to tutoring there are also short Bible lessons, and enrichment classes.

  • Skate Nights

    Join us this Fall & Spring for Skate Nights right here in the Heritage parking lot!

    Bring your little ones and their skateboards, roller skates, and bikes for fun and games. Feel free to bring a picnic, but there will also be candy, drinks and pizza available for purchase!

  • Parent's Night Out

    Parenting is hard and you spend so much of your time focusing on making your children happy that you sometimes forget that you need to take care of yourself too.

    Heritage's Parent's Night Out was born out of a desire to encourage parents to take time for themselves.

  • B.L.A.S.T

    B.L.A.S.T is a new ministry designed especially for 'tweens (those in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade). It's a time of fellowship and fun with engaging activities and devotions just for our older children.

  • Summer Camps

    Join us on an unforgettable adventure with our wilderness explorers as they venture into the great outdoors.

    This year’s “UP” style adventure will help kids learn how God’s power impacts the way we think, the way we treat others and the choices we make. Your child’s morning is filled with high energy activities that are sure to please. Activities such as crafts, games, snacks, to memorable Bible points, they all add up to making a life-long difference in the lives of your children.

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