Our Goals
It is our goal to provide a safe and loving atmosphere for God’s most precious ones.  We want to assure you that each child is important in our eyes and that we strive to give your child the best possible care available.  It is also our goal to provide a stimulating and caring atmosphere for your children so that you may have the opportunity to participate in undistracted worship/class time with other adults.

How Do We Accomplish These Goals?
We accomplish them by providing paid staff/ volunteer workers at all times.  We strive to ensure adequate adult/child ratios in classrooms which is why we ask that you RSVP for childcare at least 48 hours in advance of your class or event to childcare@heritageumc.com.  It is vital that every child feel secure here and this enables us to provide adequate individual attention.

When is my child allowed to stay?
Childcare is offered, for functions such as adult Bible classes, church meetings or church activities. We cannot allow you to drop off your child in the nursery rooms for child care if you are not in a class, church meeting, or church activity.  We need access to you immediately should an emergency occur.

How Can You Make A Difference?
Parents can help in many ways.  Be excited! Have a positive attitude when you talk about the nursery to your child.  If your child has a particular need, please inform the nursery staff.  Keep your goodbyes short and sweet.  Reassure your child that you will return as soon as you can and that they are in capable hands.  Get to know the nursery staff!   Spend a few moments each Sunday talking with them about the likes and dislikes of your child.  The more information they have, the better equipped they will be to love your child the way you do.

  • Label EverythingCups, containers, diaper bags, etc., etc— with permanent ink!  Try not to send toys with your child as they have a tendency to get misplaced and another child may want to play with them.
    • Please send a change of clothes, extra diapers and wipes with your child.  We prefer disposable diapers unless it presents a health issue.  We keep extra wipes on hand.
  • SnacksSnacks are provided for children while in our care unless they have severe allergies and in that case, you are free to bring a snack from home.
  • Volunteer– Be a willing volunteer when needed.  On occasion, the staff will be gone and parents will be invited to come in and help.  Keep an eye out for those times when volunteers are needed, especially close to holidays, and be willing to step in and take your place.
  • Infection Control:
    We don’t want to be a place where children pick up illnesses! One way to avoid the spread of illness is to keep your child home with you if they are not well or have  experienced any of the following within the previous 24 hours:

    • *Elevated temperature
    • *Any undiagnosed rash or rash
    • Diagnosed as contagious
    • *Cough due to contagious condition
    • *Pus-like discharge from the eyes/
    • Nose due to contagious condition
    • *Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)
    • *Any known infectious disease
    • *Repeated vomiting
    • *Lethargic behavior
    • *Diarrhea
    • *Not his/her usual self/overtired
      • If it becomes apparent that your child is not feeling well while in the nursery, you will be paged as soon as possible.
      • Regardless of the amount of disinfectant used or the procedures currently in place to disinfect the contents of the nursery, a sick child will always infect others.  Please love the other children as you do your own and keep your children home when they are not well.
      • All toys are cleaned with disinfectant.  Toys that have been in mouths are removed, cleaned and disinfected.  All changing stations are cleaned with a bleach solution and all nursery staff use rubber gloves and wash their hands after each diaper change.

How Do We Handle Discipline?
It is rare that problems occur in any of the classrooms, but when they do they are handled in a timely, non-threatening and calm manner.

Aggression and underdeveloped social skills are the most common concerns.  The children are reminded to share and be gentle with each other.  Hitting, biting, and pushing are discouraged and negative behaviors are redirected. The staff actively encourages all children to treat each other with respect.  If needed, timeout is an option and parent meetings may be requested.

When Do We Promote?
We promote children in the fall when classes start up. We encourage parents to place their children in rooms with children who will go on to be their friends in preschool/elementary school. This ensures that the children will be on the same developmental levels.

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