Heritage has a long history of being a missional church dedicated to bringing the saving grace of Jesus Christ to people across the street and around the world. We are on a mission to transform the world for Jesus Christ, and we hope you'll join us!
  • National

    Heritage supports two national missionaries, Cornerstone Ministries in New Mexico, and Mountain T.O.P. in Coalmont, TN.

    Our philosophy in picking missionaries to support is based not just on the services they provide but that they are also actively reaching people with the good news of salvation. Both of these ministries are transforming their areas and making disciple of Jesus Christ.

  • Heritage

    We believe that it is our calling to send people out into the world to show God's love for people everywhere, but we also recognize that's not an option for everyone for various reasons.

    For that reason, and because we love our community, we have a lot of mission opportunities right here at Heritage!

  • Local

    Heritage supports many local missions that are bringing services to people in need throughout the local area. Some of these involve Heritage only such as our Street Ministry, Spaghetti Ministry and Pack-a-Sack programs, while others are partnerships with already established ministries.

    We believe it is very important for our members to become the hands and feet of Christ wherever it is needed and local opportunities are the best way to introduce people to missions.

  • International

    Heritage currently has partnerships in seven different countries where our missionaries are building churches, gaining new followers, and creating disciples of Jesus Christ.

    We have chosen missionary partners that are actively planting new churches in their countries and have opportunities for us to send teams to work with them. There is nothing better than to experience the work of God in other countries and to see the joy they have knowing the good news of Jesus Christ.

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