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ICDM is in it’s 29th year of ministry in Haiti led by Reverend Yvan Pierre. Six out of ten Haitians cannot read or write. Because of this, ICDM seeks to educate, equip and empower God’s people to respond to God’s call. Reverend Pierre is working to train and equip women and men to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Haiti. Through the school of Evangelism and the Portable Bible School, they have trained over 4,000 pastors and Christian leaders. ICDM’s Christian-based elementary school educates and cares for over 600 students and their families located in Bayonnais, Gonaives.

The ministry of the New Life Center, led by Pastor Delbert and Sandy Groves, include health education, construction and distribution of P.E.T.s (Personal Energy Transportation) for the disabled, learning and computer labs, English education, and other training ministries, all with the goal of sharing the love and life of our Lord Jesus Christ. The current focus is on church leadership and spiritual growth training. NLC Zambia has as their goal to construct two new church buildings a year alongside local pastors and their congregations. Through the Heritage Faith Promise and sweat equity, we have partnered with other churches to build five churches in the past years. NLC is now expanding into the southern part of Zambia with a second base in Livingstone.

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