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The Good Samaritan Mission (GSM) in Wimauma, Florida is a charitable, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3), Christian ministry established in 1984.  The Mission is dedicated to a holistic approach to enhancing the spiritual, emotional and physical quality of life for those living in poverty.  We currently serve the community by offering a food pantry through our incentivized Adult Education Program, post-secondary scholarships, and Back to School and Christmas Outreach Events.  Their primary clientele are migrant workers and their families living in the area.  Reverend Bill Cruz and his wife Teresa are the missionaries we support who run this ministry.

GSM offers several weekly adult education programs as part of their Seeds of Change Program.  At the end of class, each student receives a token to turn in at La Tiendita (The Little Store) for a grocery bag that may be filled with food and toiletries.  Students may also choose to save their tokens for our Christmas Blessings Outreach event, share them with friends and family or keep them for a time of greater need. Classes vary every week but may include topics such as:  Bible, cooking, nutrition, emergency preparedness, finance, health, occupational safety, parenting, sewing, ESL, GED, computer, and hair-cutting.  We strive to offer classes that are relevant to the issues that our population faces.  Several community agencies (for example, the Red Cross) are generous enough to present information to our students on a regular basis.

There is a tremendous need for fostering and adoption of local children who are in crisis.  And with the spread of opioids and the addictions that are occurring because of it, fostering is really important at this time.  Fostering is a way that we can help reunite a family by loving on the children who are caught up through no fault of their own.  We work with a local mission, A Door of Hope, located in Pinellas Park, FL. They have a vision to find a home for every child in need and a mission to provide hope by helping to place them in Christian homes.  They provide training and support for foster parents and mentors to provide stable environments and lasting relationships that are founded in faith.  Heritage is a big supporter of their efforts and we encourage everyone to look into the opportunities that we have to help these precious children.

In addition to fostering, there is also a need for mentoring of foster kids and acting as a Guardian ad-Litem.  Guardian ad-Litems are people that are advocates for the children as their cases go through the court system.  They are there to protect the child’s interests and to help them understand the process that they and the parents must go through to be reunited.  In the mentoring program, you are assigned a child already in a foster home to meet with them one to two hours a week to just spend time with them.

UMCM Suncoast (United Methodist Cooperative Ministries/Suncoast, Inc.) in Largo, FL was incorporated in 1975 by the United Methodist Church to address the unmet needs of the local community in St. Petersburg.  Now a charitable organization serving six counties in the Tampa Bay area, UMCM Suncoast works in collaboration with churches, non-profit organizations and service providers, faith-based organizations, governmental agencies, and volunteers from the community.  UMCM Suncoast serves over 15,000 people in its six-county service area each year

UMCM seeks to meet the needs of the local community and make Christ’s love visible and tangible through service, education, and advocacy.  Programs that address hunger, finances, rehabilitation, housing, and education are all provided with faithful attention.  Literacy programs, early childhood education programs for children of immigrants, housing support services, supplemental food services and paths to citizenship are just some of what UMCM Suncoast offers.

New Life Solutions is a Christian ministry located in Largo, FL whose mission is to glorify God by defending the sanctity of life.  Their ministry areas are:  The Women’s Place Medical Clinic, a post-abortion support group, an abstinence advocacy program and a women’s health and birthing center.  They offer pregnancy support, single mother housing, prenatal care and childbirth, prenatal loss help, and abstinence education.  And once a year they sponsor the Walk for Life in Pinellas County, a fundraising event to benefit New Life Solutions and their ministry.

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