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Mountain T.O.P. is an interdenominational non-profit Christian ministry seeking to alleviate rural poverty in eight counties in the state of Tennessee. They offer minor and major home repairs and children’s programs for families with little to no income. They thrive on a philosophy of partnership that empowers and encourages families to take part in the projects in whatever way feasible. They also operate a summer camp. Heritage teams have helped to serve in the community with home repairs and in the children’s camp. Mountain T.O.P. exists to meet four needs of the family – social, emotional, spiritual and physical.

Cornerstone Ministries, led by Pastor Pete Belon, is a resource center for Navajo Christian organizations within the Navajo Nation. Cornerstone Ministries is working with Christian pastors of All Nations to bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the Four Corners area and to improve the lives of Native Americans living on the reservation.

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