Lighthouse Student Ministry Logo The Lighthouse is a student ministry focused on helping teens build relationships with God and each other. Serving in the city and throughout the world, we have youth-led worship, grade level small groups, practical Bible studies, fun monthly events, and more!

Medical Release + Trip Rules

If your teen is participating in any Lighthouse events or trips, please make sure that we have all of the proper forms ahead of time. A Medical Release Form is required for all events, and a Trip Rules Form is required for all trips. Having these on time helps make everything run smoother and we appreciate it! Thank you!
  • Blitz/Impact

    Blitz and Impact are regular Sunday night services that we have for middle school and high school students. Blitz is our middle school service, which takes place from 5-7pm. Impact is our high school service, which takes place from 7-9pm.

    These services provide students with the opportunity to learn more about God and also gives them recreational time to hang out and have fun with the other students.


    Kaos/Rush is a three-day, high energy retreat at Lake Swan Camp in Melrose, FL over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.

    Middle School and High School students will participate in worship, teaching, activities, games and fellowship.

  • STRIVE Volunteer Work Day

    Giving back to the community through volunteer work is a vital part of the Christian faith. Here at the Lighthouse, we strive to give students the opportunity to help in the community and to show the love of God in practical ways.

    On Strive Volunteer Work Day, our students are assigned to different places throughout the county such as the humane society or the local schools.

  • Mission Trips

    At Heritage we believe in the importance of missions, both in our own country and around the world.

    We want our students to develop a love for missions and to understand why missions are important in the Kingdom of God. To accomplish this, we offer several trips each summer that give students the opportunity to develop a heart for serving others.

  • LiftOff

    This jam packed weekend of fun is the perfect summer event to give rising 6th and 7th graders an opportunity to have a good time, make new friends, and make a lasting relationship with Christ before the school year begins.

    The weekend begins at Fun Spot in Orlando for go karts, rides, and much more. Then, on the second day the students have the chance to go to Cocoa beach for a day at the beach and Ron Jon’s Surf Shop.

  • Summer Events

    At the Lighthouse, it is essential to us to provide our students with the opportunity to stay connected with their fellow classmates and church community throughout the summer.

    With this in mind, each year our interns help plan and coordinate our summer events to ensure the Lighthouse students have the best summer possible.

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